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Never forget this Swansea, Crystal Palace game.

Deal Score0 Swansea had only managed 2 points in their last five games, whilst Crystal Palace were on a 5 game losing streak. I think It is far to say, patience was running thin for both teams. This was always going to be a fight to the death. CP took the lead early on after Zaha ran rings around the jack’s defense, just 19 minutes into the game, however, the lead didn’t last long as CP conceded a free-kick just outside the box which was easily put away by Sigurdsson.

here It wasn’t until the 66th minute that the next goal came from a messy finish by sub, Leroy Fer and the again from Fer JUST 2 MINUTES LATER! Just 7 minutes later Tomkins scored what would be a 3 goal comeback from CP, who took advantage of Swansea’s messy defense.

With the score bored reading CP 4-3 Swans with just 6 minutes left of the 90, Swansea are looking to spoil the party and snatch the draw they need so badly. But the minute’s pass and the 90 is up.

combivent 0.5mg 2.5mg Extra time –

Just seconds in, Swansea apply pressure placing Llorente in the danger zone on the edge of the box where is snatches at the opportunity to bury the ball right in the back of the net. 90 min +1, 4-4. That makes 7 goal scorers, this would have pleased anyone who used a promo code to place an “to score anytime”

And finally, in the 93’d minute of the game Llorente walks in the simplest of finishes and the CP defenders just watch. What a dramatic finish to this 9 goal game. What a blow for CP, its not often you score 4 goals in a game and loose. What would you have used your betting offer on in this match? Let us know in the comments!

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