Betfair Promotional Offer - Use This Bonus Code- Bet 4 Less
Betfair Promotional Offer

Betfair Promotional Offer

Use this Betfair promo code and receive a £30 signup bonus!


Product Description

Betfair Promo Code

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

While placing a bet, there’s always a chance that we might lose our money,

Or is it? Nope, not always, provided you have decided to avail this  buy half inderal la 80mg Betfair Promo Code. Available for new users, this Promo Code makes sure that your first bet doesn’t turn out to be a loser.

But how is it possible, I hear you ask?

Well, upon signing up for Betfair using this promotion, there will be two possibilities presented in front of you. First, your bet may turn out to be a winner, in which case you’ll obviously get the winning amount. However, even if it isn’t your lucky day, Betfair will guarantee a your money back as a free bet with this promo code.

Have doubts about my claim?

Scroll down to quash them.

Terms to Consider with this Signup Bonus

Just like every good thing in life, the Betfair Promo Code comes with terms and conditions. Obey them, and you are guaranteed a risk free bet. Ignore them, and your chances of making a profit is cut in half.

here Promo Code for New Customers Only

If you are already a user at Betfair – or you have availed this code in the past, you are NOT eligible for this promotion. Similarly, if you are using a shared computer – one from which your friend might have already claimed this offer, once again you won’t be able to signup for this code. Deposit £10 first

Just to remind you, Betfair isn’t a charitable company operating for your well-being. Rather, it operates for profit. Therefore, to make its side safe, it requires you to deposit at least £10 into your account to claim a free bet of up to £30.

Bet Only On Sportsbook

As you might of guessed, there are various betting markets available on Betfair. You can bet on anyone you like, however, to avail this offer, you should bet ONLY on Sportsbook. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim your free bet.

Another thing you may want to note is that in addition to requiring you to bet at Sportsbook, it is a requirement that your betting odds should be at least 1.2. Finally, to make sure you don’t go missing after opening a Betfair account, the company has made the Promo Code offer valid just for 30days after which the offer will expire.

Payment Options

If you have used a promo code from another betting company in the past, you’re in for a shocker with this Betfair offer. When it comes to payment options, other companies throw in as many options as possible to lure in the potential new user.

Not Betfair, though. Look at their payment options, and you’d be amazed to see that for this offer, the company accepts only two payment options. They include PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards.

Only For Great Britain and Republic of Ireland Users

Betfair has decided not to extend this promotional offer to residents other than that of Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom. Hard luck if you fall into that category!

How to Sign Up for the Betfair Promo Code

Once you have made sure you comply with the abovementioned – as well as other terms and conditions, all that remains between you and the promo code is the signup process. The whole signup process, if done correctly, shouldn’t take more than two to five minutes.

Take a look.

Step # 1: Sign Up

Ask already existing users of Betfair, and you’d come to know that your sign up procedure is the same as theirs. You’d be asked to provide your first and last name, home address, and post code, your preferred currency as well as the promotional code.

What is the Betfair Promo Code, I hear you ask?

As long as you use the link at the top of this page the promotion will automatically be applied to our account.

Once you have signed up for the account, the Sportsbook account deposit page will appear. this is where you have to deposit at least £10 to get a £30 free bet.

Step # 2: Bet

Once Betfair verifies that you’ve deposited the required amount, you’ll be able to place a bet. The bet should be placed on the Sportsbook market within 30 days once you have opened a new account and the odds should be at least 1/5(1.2).

Step # 3: Refund

Regardless of whether your first bet is a winner or a loser, once you place it, Betfair will automatically award you a £30 free bet. You cannot cash out this amount nor can you place it on any other market besides Sportsbook. The other rules for placing this bet are similar to the one you have made in the second step.

Betfair Review

Before betting exchanges such as Betfair, punters who wanted to bet on racing had to bet against the Bookmakers to satiate their betting appetite. This meant that the odds were quiet shorts due so the bookies could make a profit. With a number of betting exchanges available to day, the most popular of which being Betfair which has been around since 1999, punters have been given new options. In addition to testing their knowledge against a bookmaker, Betfair gave punters the option of betting against each other. Acting as a middle man, Betfair functioned by reserving the original bets from both parties, before returning the winnings to the winning party after taking a small cut.

Of late – and particularly after its merger with another betting giant in Paddy Power – Betfair has started exploring opportunities to expand in the US, Australia and in Europe.


To say that the Betfair Promo Code is a completely free bet could not be true since it requires you to deposit £10 up front. Still, since you can claim a £30 bonus once you deposit the initial amount, you would be silly to to take advantage.


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